What is SEO? In plain English

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Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! Show websites in search results that they believe to be relevant or authoritative. They measure relevance by analysing content and they measure authority based on several things, but the most important thing is the number of quality links a page has. Still confused?  Read on!

google search engine algorithm What is SEO? In plain English

How can my website make it to the first page?

So how can you make it to the top 1 in search result? The answer is easy, Great content + Quality Links = Search Engine Success! Yep, you heard me. By providing great content for users, your page will be useful and people will recommend, bookmarked or share with their friends and relatives. Links work kinda the same, think of it this way links are like votes / recommendation. The more quality links you have, search engine will gather these and rank you depending on your keyword.

How does Google knows who to rank?

Google or search engines promote pages that they think has the authority to rank in a search result. It’s your job – to create authority pages. This means writing content and building links through your page.

Here is a quick guide for you

– Write content that uses words and phrases, variations used by people who search for your product.

– Build links to your pages to show that they are important.

– Check your pages and rankings, keep your data and do additional SEO work.
(Always remember write for users, not for search engines)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

seo services What is SEO? In plain English

Is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. In many respects it’s simply quality control for websites. Having said that if there was ever an industry that was little understood by ‘outsiders’ it’s SEO.

How do I get links?

strategic link building What is SEO? In plain English

Links, like I said above are important. There’s a big difference between quality and quantity, let’s say 10 or 15 links from a quality relevant resource (pages or websites) to your page will have more impact on how your pages ranks than a 100 low value links sold by SEO companies or other web owner.  If an SEO company offers you a price for a set of links, they’re spammers! Run while you can! Lol.

You can find great links from other great sites, as long as something worth linking to, because great sites don’t link to poor low quality ones. Why would they?


To gain in top ranking in the search result page, create a page content that will benefit both users and search engines. Use your targeted keyword in the page content, use variations. High quality links are important for your webpage and more powerful than low quality and non-relevant one. Make sure that your priority is the user, there’s no point in being in the first page when there’s no traffic.

How about you, what do you know about SEO? Share your thoughts below.

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