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Here are a few of the best service created by famous software development companies is to check for content plagiarism checker, that we can all use online. These are all program based, which means that you do not have to hire a team of investigators. You simply give  the instructions and they will check your work against that of other people’s content online. If your content has been copied then you are alerted. Each service has its own charms and own perks, and each one is a different price. Nevertheless, there is a service here to suit all needs, from an academic website to an amateur blogger. Plus most of them are reasonably priced or free of charge for you to use.


1 300x118 Top Online Services for Content Plagiarism Checker

This is a service that you have to sign up for. It is supposed to be one of the more thorough and correct plagiarism detectors, and has no limit on how many searches you can run per day (although they make you pay for them). You need to set up your account and then point the program at the web pages that you want to have checked. Each page that you scan is going to cost you 50c per try, and each time you search is can take up to seven minutes to get a reply. If you perform a lot of daily searches then you may wish to consider another plagiarism checker, because this one will end up costing you a lot of money. There are cheaper versions that will suit the bulk-batch checker.


2 300x71 Top Online Services for Content Plagiarism CheckerYou can use this service free online, which does kind of imply that it is not as good as its competitors. All you need to do is paste your blog posts URL into the text box that is on the site, and then you click the compare button to see if your blog has been copied with another All it does is run parts of your text through either Yahoo or Google and highlight any parts that are similar to other web pages. You cannot adjust the sensitive of this checker to make it more sensitive, but as a free checker you cannot really complain.


4 300x94 Top Online Services for Content Plagiarism Checker

This program will cost you money to use, but the price is very reasonable, and they do not ask for a subscription. All you need to do is pay for credits and they will allow you to search for 2000 words of text. You paste your content into a small white box and it will check the content. They also have a service that allows you to check on a whole web page. All you need to do is paste the web page’s URL into a box and it will check the web page with others to see if it has been copied. You are often allowed five free searches before it asks you to pay.

They also have a batch search function too. You upload a few documents and it will check them all for you in one go. They also have copy sentry. This is a program that you pay to check your content routinely. They will check to see if anyone has started using your own content on their websites.


5 300x91 Top Online Services for Content Plagiarism CheckerThis is a checker that allows you to past your text into a white box. It will then check the content to see is it appears elsewhere online. Just like Copyscape, you can also upload a document and have that checked. Or you can point the device at a URL and have it check that for you. You do need to register with the site in order to get full functionality.


6 Top Online Services for Content Plagiarism CheckerThis is a detector that supports over 190 languages, which means it is very good at helping you to find duplicate content, no matter what language you speak. You can check on Yahoo or Google for your content, and it has a number of accepted file formats (not just .doc).

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