How to Create WordPress Metabox – Tutorial Roundup

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Metabox is one of the great addition on WordPress, it allows plugin and theme developers to add sections to Write Post, Write Page, and Write Link editing pages.

I’ve used metabox for front end submission too! Since most of my clients always asked that feature, where users can submit part of their content (for example) and the admin of the site can review and publish that information.

Today we will have round up those tutorials on how to create a metabox in WordPress, and hopefully you can use it on your next WordPress project. All of the links posted below helped me while I am learning about metabox, some of them really offers a class that you can use.

[listing] [/listing]


If you’re not the coder type, or too lazy to get your hands dirty there are plugins that you can use. Be warned though that customization may vary and that will be depending on your project.

[listing] [/listing]

You have all the options that you need on how to use WordPress Metabox, like I said depending on your project. It really saves a lot of work using it and provides an ease in terms of handling data from users to admin.

I hope this round up helped you learning about metabox, and if you found a cool tutorial that we can add to the list please let me know in the comments, as I want this to offer the most helpful tutorial round up for WordPress metabox.

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