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10 Best WordPress Theming Tutorials

On 20 Aug, 2011 By With 11 Comments

Some of my friends ask me to create a tutorial on How to Create a WordPress Theme, so I did a couple of searches and trying to find out what will be the competition for such post. Then I figured…

Best WordPress Cheatsheets

On 20 Jun, 2011 By With 4 Comments

Even though you’re creating WordPress themes for a while, there comes a point that you will need a reference. Today I present you WordPress Cheatsheets, these are very helpful and full of information. Best WordPress Cheatsheet The WordPress Help Sheet…

How to Upgrade your WordPress Manually

On 8 Jun, 2011 By With 0 Comments

Updating your WordPress is the responsibility of every blogger, these updates gives you the latest fix and security patches to avoid our site being hack or infected by malicious malwares. Even though updating means a click of a mouse, sometimes…

How to use multisite option in wordpress

On 11 May, 2011 By With 2 Comments

WordPress 3.0 offers a lot of new features, one of my favourite are multisite option where you can create different website on a single domain name. This feature is basically from WPMU but eventually incorporated in WordPress, the feature is…

How to install WordPress in localhost

On 23 Apr, 2011 By With 7 Comments

I’ve been learning WordPress for quite some time, and literally fell in love with it. I always create wordpress themes in localhost because its much faster and sometimes my internet is so slow, you can imagine the time spend on refreshing the…

Why choose wordpress for my website?

On 21 Apr, 2011 By With 0 Comments

I admit that I will be a little bias when asked which platform is the best, my answer will be wordpress. I will explain why: WordPress is probably the most loved blogging platform as of today, with over 25 million…

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