How to install WordPress in localhost

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I’ve been learning WordPress for quite some time, and literally fell in love with it. I always create wordpress themes in localhost because its much faster and sometimes my internet is so slow, you can imagine the time spend on refreshing the page after some revisions on the theme. With this option creating a  theme is 10x faster, testing a plugin and fooling around with wordpress without worrying about speed, site crash, or broken theme.

Installing wordpress in XAMPP

First download XAMPP lite in, choose the .exe version. Install that in your c:/ drive, after it’s done double click the xampp-control.exe and choose start apache and mysql services.

xampp How to install Wordpress in localhost

Now open you browser and type in http://localhost/ from the menu on the left column, choose your language.

You can now click on phpMyAdmin on the left column.

installed xampp1 300x292 How to install Wordpress in localhost

On the database menu, look for create new database enter “wordpress” (without quotes) and click create.

Before Installing WordPress

Now download the latest version of wordpress in 2011 4 21 23 20 48 How to install Wordpress in localhost

Then unzip the downloaded file to c:/xampp/htdocs/ . Browse through the folder and look for a file named wp-config-sample.php. Open it with your favourite editor and replace the values like this:

And save the file as wp-config.php.

Installing WordPress

Open your browser and type this http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php, follow the step by step instruction. WordPress has a 5 minute easy installation, it’s not that hard trust me!

5 min install scrn1 How to install Wordpress in localhost

Things to remember

Make sure that XAMPP is running, apache and mysql are checked and you’ve type the right url in the browser address bar (e. i. http://localhost/wordpress/).

This is great for designers, users who wanted to test new plugins and themes before using to their own website. If your like me, I use wordpress multisite option on my localhost for ease of use when creating different themes. But that will be in another post!

What about you, why do you use wordpress in your localhost? Any other way to speed up the process? Share your thoughts below!

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