Why choose wordpress for my website?

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wordpress logo 1 300x67 Why choose wordpress for my website?

I admit that I will be a little bias when asked which platform is the best, my answer will be wordpress. I will explain why:

WordPress is probably the most loved blogging platform as of today, with over 25 million for blogging and creating websites. WordPress started as a blogging platform and has become one of the most widely used blogging platform in the world, with ease of use and nearly unlimited of customization. Creating posts, approving comments, and customizing you look and feel are all easy with wordpress. The customizations are endless and there are a huge number of available plugins and themes that makes it easy to look and function the way you want.

WordPress for my blog

www.sanjaykhemlani.com 2011 4 21 11 5 401 300x97 Why choose wordpress for my website?

WordPress can do more than just blogging. With the built in page features you can create a standalone pages for your website in addition to blog post. The ability to customize themes makes your design limitless. WordPress make it easy to create a pages and child pages, embed video and managed your media and more!

WordPress for my website

www.sanjaykhemlani.com 2011 4 21 10 51 58 300x127 Why choose wordpress for my website?

The out of the box wordpress lets users create website pages and post in an instant. Right now it is a big factor to have a corporate blog running besides the corporate website. With multiple permission levels and easy to use publishing, wordpress is ideal for any kind of business.

Why did I pick wordpress?

man thinking430x300 300x209 Why choose wordpress for my website?

I have used wordpress for my own site and blog, as well as for my clients over the years. I found that it has the ideal balance between ease of use and customization ability. This means we customize the website, we have these easy to use publishing tools that empower the clients to publish with ease. My favourite reason that I pick wordpress, is extremely SEO friendly which is most businesses need.

I wanted to make it easier for my clients to take control of the website and their web presence. While some customization does require a little help from a professional, there are 10,000 themes available in the market.

Finally WordPress is Open Source, it’s free! Many skilled publishers and programmers and individuals work day and night to improve wordpress for the benefit of everyone. With wordpress you can import your data from over a dozen other system like Blooger and Moveable Type, you can easily export your data to move away from wordpress. You’re in control.

How can I get WordPress?

wordpress org 300x240 Why choose wordpress for my website?

WordPress comes in two varieties, a hosted blog service that you can sign up at WordPress.com and downloadable software that you can install at WordPress.org. Either of the two has its own pro’s and con’s, for example: the hosted service is great for blogging but limits you with customization, on the other hand self-installed wordpress is great for customization but you need a semi-technical install procedure.


WordPress is a a blogging platform, but with the customization that you can do with it, and vast extensibility, extreme flexibility, and widespread support throughout the open-source community, there’s no reason why not choose wordpress. Themes and plugins are spread all over the world and most of them are free.

How about you, why do you love wordpress? Share your reasons in the comments below.


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