18 SEO Fundamental List that you need to know from Bing

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Before you take a guess on how optimize your site for Bing – Yahoo, Microsoft just release a list that will help webmasters reach the top ranking position by following these 18 SEO fundamentals for Bing.

bing logo 550x367 18 SEO Fundamental List that you need to know from Bing

Here is the list

1. Make sure your site is crawlable by using an XML sitemap, robots.txt and well-structured navigation.
2. Improve your site structure by using an HTML sitemap and linking to trusted sources both within your site and outside of it.
3. Created solid content hierarchy by doing basic keyword research and avoiding placement of your content in rich media such as Silverlight and Flash.
4. Use a short Meta title that has fewer than 65 characters and that is unique to each page, and try to include the targeted keyword toward the beginning of the title.
5. Use a unique Meta description tag.
6. Create quality content (following the guidelines Bing provided earlier).
7. When you build links, focus on the keyword-relevant anchor tags that link back to quality content on your page.
8. Create an RSS feed.
9. Use schema.org markup.
10. Create a user interface that prioritizes the user experiences; the search perspectives on the things like page load time aren’t as important as how the user responds.
11. Encourage social sharing with the use of social buttons.
12. Don’t cloak your website.
13. Don’t use link farms.
14. Don’t engage in three-way linking.
15. Don’t duplicate content.
16. Don’t use auto-following on the social front.
17. Don’t use thin content.
18. Don’t buy links.

It is really good that search engines like Bing gave us a list such as this; I know that this is pretty basic SEO but I think that this covers all of us. If you think I miss something or you have a newer list please add them in the comments below.

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