WordPress Front-end Posting Plugins and Tutorials

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Sometimes Clients will ask you certain features that you never thought of, or you’ve never done before. This is a good time for all of us to learn new things and add to our skill set.

Since front end posting has been the fuzz over my clients, I took some ‘googling’ and found out certain plugins that might fit your need. These are well maintained and will make you’re life easier, plus not that much maintenance on your part.

Here are the WordPress Front-end Posting Plugins

Front-End Editor

The Front-End Editor plugin was created several years ago by the talented Scribu. It is one of the most well-known and widely used plugins for editing inline.

front end editor Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Raptor Editor

The Raptor Editor has a beautiful interface that is very approachable and user-friendly for beginners. The Raptor Editor seamlessly integrates the WordPress media library as well for ease of uploading files.

raptor editor frontend1 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Front End Upload

The Front End Upload plugin, created by developer Jonathan Christopher, gets very high ratings in the WordPress plugin repository. It’s very easy to implement- simply place the shortcode on a page where you want to include the upload form. The plugin also includes settings for restricting the form to those who have a passcode, maximum file size, success message and customization of the automatic email.

front end upload1 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Div Layer Editor

The Div layer Editor plugin is a little different in that it allows you to Edit any WordPress theme from the front of your website. It makes it surprisingly easy for anyone to make theme changes, even if you’re not a master at CSS. Simply click on a part of your website to edit it. You’ll be able to save different versions of your themes as child themes, without having to use FTP or the dashboard theme editor.

banner 772x250 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is always on the cutting edge and continues to innovate with WordPress in each new release. Among its many features is the ability to configure forms that create WordPress posts from the front-end, allowing you to collect user-generated content.

post creation large Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


WP Client File Share

When WP Client File Share is installed, users will get a “private” page to upload files. The admin can also post files for that user. All of this happens on the front end.

client file share Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Profile Builder

The Profile Builder Plugin lets you add front-end registration, profile and login forms. These pages are easy to create with the use of the plugin’s shortcodes. The admin has a great deal of flexibility in modifying and adding to the forms with a nice interface in the dashboard. The Pro-version has more features such as avatar uploads, custom redirects, additional styles and more.

profile builder Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


FV Community News

The FV Community News plugin was created to allow users to contribute content easily from the front-end, while the admin maintains full control of the articles that are being posted. It includes support for custom post types with featured images and tags, as well as widgets, shortcodes, AJAX form handling, customizable post form, and a nicely styled feed for community news.

fv community news Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


Post From Site

This plugin allows posting directly from the front-end. It creates a link on your website which, when clicked, will bring up a simple text-box. Users can enter a post title, content, add categories and tags, and upload images.

screenshot 1 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


 One Quick Post

This plugin allows users to write posts from the frontend using a shortcode in a page/post. Guest posting can be enabled, and it’s compatible with BuddyPress. It uses built-in WordPress Roles & Capabilities, so you can choose if a user can publish a post, edit it once published, delete posts, and many more.

screenshot 6 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


 WP User Frontend

Gives ability to the user to create new post, edit post, edit profile from site frontend. So users doesn’t need to enter the admin panel. Everything they need to do can be done from the frontend.

screenshot 4 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials


If you’re requirements doesn’t fit using plugins, maybe you can do it by creating a custom plugin specific on your need. Here are some tutorials that helped me on my project.

How to Post From Your Front End With No Plugin

A wine rating site that we hope to launch soon. But one of the requirements for the site was that once a wine rater logged in, they should have access to a form to rate wines. I didn’t want anyone to have to fuss with the back end of WordPress.

winerate 700x218 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials

Check out the tutorial!

Adding Posts to a Site’s Front-End Using AJAX

WordPress basically divides itself into two portions, the front end section where people can come and read posts or articles on the site. The other is the WordPress admin section from which one can create posts and pages.

10 Wordpress Front end Posting Plugins and Tutorials

Check out the tutorial!

Front-end editor in WordPress 3.3 is easy

Check out the tutorial!

WordPress front-end post form using wp_insert_post

At WordCamp Austin, I hosted an awesome Q&A session about the underbelly of Android and Me. One of the most requested bits of code was the form action utilizing wp_insert_post().

Check out the tutorial!

Submit WordPress Posts From The Frontend

If you’re looking to make adding new posts without having to log into the WordPress dashboard, or maybe to allow your visitors a way to submit some kind of content of their own, then here’s a way you can create a new post form and display it on a custom page template.

Check out the tutorial!

WordPress Insert Post from Front End

Hi, In this article I will show one example plugin for making post entry from wordpress front end.

Check out the tutorial!

There you have it, sometimes creating a custom coding is the solution to our need. But you need to make sure that you are ready for the maintenance work such as bugs and updates since your form will be used a lot.

What I did for the past project was to create a custom form, update it and learned from it again, update it once again. Which is tiring, but the good thing is I learned a lot updating it and reading from Codex.

I hope you’ll find this helpful, and if you’re in the same situation as I am before what did you do to fix your problem?

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