10+ Time Tracking Apps For Productive 2014

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As a freelancer, we billed our work based on hours or hours it will take us to do the project. Before, one of the problems I faced when starting a project is estimating the amount of hours the project will take, sometimes I billed too low that the projects hours extends for so long, sometimes I billed too high that I didn’t get the project.

After that incident, I needed a solution to better manage my time and gauge my project hours to properly bill the Client. I looked for time-tracking apps, and other softwares that I can count on.

Today, I listed all the Time Tracking Apps so we can be more productive this year 2014. I’ve tried many of these and some are new and I am waiting to try it! Let’s check them all out.

time tracking app 10+ Time Tracking Apps For Productive 2014

Time Tracking Apps

1. Timesheet 

This free app lets you use voice commands, track and bill work hours, and record off-work hours too. Android only.

2. Timely

Schedule your life, then log it. Primarily aimed at work time (you can bill time as you’re logging it), the interface is simple enough that you could create personal projects too. One user with unlimited projects is $10/month. Desktop or Apple devices.

3. Fanurio

While primarily aimed at freelancers billing time to multiple projects (it creates invoices and expense reports–hence the price), Fanurio also lets you classify activities as non-billable, which much of our personal time turns out to be.

4. My Minutes

This free app focuses on goal setting. You aim to work out for 30 minutes, or spend “at most” 45 minutes on email. The app gives you a nudge when you’re out of time, or a virtual pat on the back when you hit your goals. Apple and Android.

5. TIME Planner

This free app combines scheduling and time tracking features for both work and personal activities. You can schedule a bike ride at 1 p.m., then be reminded to do it, then say if you’ve actually done it–all to keep yourself on track. Apple only.

6. Now Then

This app features personal categories such as shopping, entertainment, and travel, and lets you break work into its subcategories as well (administration, meetings). $2.99 in iTunes.

7. Eternity

Structured to remind you about work-life balance, Eternity divides time broadly into work, sleep, and play categories. Play is good! $9.99 in iTunes. Apple only.

8. ATracker

This free app lets you track your whole life by tapping on your phone to start or stop each activity. It then produces reports on your day. The clean and uncluttered design is a nice plus, too. Apple only.

9. RescueTime

Running in the background on your computer or mobile device, the free version of RescueTime tracks minutes spent on various sites or applications. This is most useful if you think you have a bad email or Facebook habit, and would like to get it under control.

10. Toggl

With this app, you say what you’re doing, start the timer, and stop it when you’re done. You can code things as personal if you’d like, and create charts of what’s consuming your time. The basic version is free, and full features are $5 a month. Apple, Android, and Desktop.

11. PayMo

PayMo is like your personal business center. The app offers time tracking, invoicing and a handful of project management features and we love how easy it is to use. And we aren’t the only ones.

12. Chrometa

What makes the time tracking app Chrometa a stand-out is the way it captures your time as you plug away on your computer. It automatically records your software usage, like how long you spent on Facebook, the length of time you spent drafting a proposal, working a spreadsheet or emailing a client. No clicking start or stop; you don’t have to tell Chrometa a thing.

13. Timelyapp

Every time tracking app out there uses the same concept; you log hours backwards in time. We want to flip that around. Instead of asking ‘what did you do this week?’, we’re asking ‘what are you planning on doing this week?’ As a result, you’ll spend seconds logging hours. All you have to do is to move your existing schedule to Timely, and you’ll be logging hours simultaneously.

What do you use to keep track of your freelance business? Let us know in the comments below and help each other out!

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