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40+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes

On 10 Jun, 2013 By With 2 Comments

WordPress has been gaining a lot of attention on the web by being the easiest and best blogging tool ever made! Now that it is popular and many bloggers and companies are switching to WP, there’s a lot of demand…

Responsive Image Slider Plugin for WordPress

On 30 Jul, 2012 By With 4 Comments

Responsive Web Design has taken the web storm since 2011, simply because the ability to display content on different browser size whether desktop PC’s or tablet and smartphones. Since web designers and developers are aiming to give you a better…

18 Free and Premium WordPress Video Themes

On 9 Jul, 2012 By With 1 Comment

If you are planning to have a video blog or already have one using wordpress, you need to have a theme that can work with videos pretty well. While there are thousands on the theme market today, I found some…

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