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How to Create Your Own Ads in Photoshop

On 17 Jun, 2011 By With 4 Comments

Last month I was given a task, I need to create a 200×200 ad for my client. Today , I will show you how to create your own ad. Using the size 200×200 you’ll understand how an ad is created. This…

Free HTML Minimalist Template

On 15 Jun, 2011 By With 0 Comments

I was so inspired by my last post Superb Minimalist Design that I decided to create my own, so after an hour of researching and thinking how to make it effective I finally got it. I named it Minimal, I…

Superb Minimalist Design Collection

On 13 Jun, 2011 By With 0 Comments

Minimalist design has been applied in different field such as visual art, music, architecture as well as web design. Minimalism in design means removing the unnecessary elements and focus on simplicity. Minimalism is  a kind of design that focus only…

10 Best Portfolio for inspiration

On 7 May, 2011 By With 5 Comments

When starting to create your own portfolio, it is best to look for inspiration. Often you’ll need to know what other designers are doing so yours will make the cut. These will be a weekly roundup for those newbie designers…

How to become a better designer

On 1 May, 2011 By With 5 Comments

You’ve read a lot of articles before talking about ‘how to become a better designer’, but this is kinda my personal way of becoming better every day. This is my way to be better and smarter (hopefully). Learn the basics…

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