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How to create Facebook Timeline in your Profile

On 23 Sep, 2011 By With 8 Comments

Recently, Facebook announced Timeline; a cool and crazy looking page that records your whole lifespan in the social network. Facebook Timeline is like a online documented life story of you (in parts of course). Today I will show you how…

How to Prevent a Web Project Nightmare

On 13 Aug, 2011 By With 10 Comments

Working as a web and graphic designer in our small office, I can guess if a project will be a nightmare or not. By looking at their requirements and documentation (if they have one) you can tell what will be…

How to Create Your Own File Icon in Photoshop

On 9 Jul, 2011 By With 3 Comments

Recently I was given a task to create an icon for our newly redesigned website (which is not online yet); the icon­s should match the design and should “pop out”. After some time meddling with pencil and paper, it’s time…

How to Create Your Own Ads in Photoshop

On 17 Jun, 2011 By With 4 Comments

Last month I was given a task, I need to create a 200×200 ad for my client. Today , I will show you how to create your own ad. Using the size 200×200 you’ll understand how an ad is created. This…

Free HTML Minimalist Template

On 15 Jun, 2011 By With 0 Comments

I was so inspired by my last post Superb Minimalist Design that I decided to create my own, so after an hour of researching and thinking how to make it effective I finally got it. I named it Minimal, I…

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