What is SEO? In plain English

On 26 Apr, 2011 By With 7 Comments

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! Show websites in search results that they believe to be relevant or authoritative. They measure relevance by analysing content and they measure authority based on several things, but the most important thing is the…

How to install WordPress in localhost

On 23 Apr, 2011 By With 7 Comments

I’ve been learning WordPress for quite some time, and literally fell in love with it. I always create wordpress themes in localhost because its much faster and sometimes my internet is so slow, you can imagine the time spend on refreshing the…

Why choose wordpress for my website?

On 21 Apr, 2011 By With 0 Comments

I admit that I will be a little bias when asked which platform is the best, my answer will be wordpress. I will explain why: WordPress is probably the most loved blogging platform as of today, with over 25 million…

Website is live! (quick tour special)

On 17 Apr, 2011 By With 1 Comment

Hello and welcome to the new sanjaykhemlani website. I hope you like the looks of this newly created site. So how about giving you a quick tour of what this site has to offer. First and foremost, this site was…

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