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Collection of Responsive Web Design Frameworks

On 20 Jul, 2012 By With 2 Comments

Responsive Web Design is getting more and more popular these days, most of the themes that are in the themeforest are boasting with responsive feature. If you are planning to create one for yourself and not sure where to start,…


How to Create a Portfolio Web Layout in Photoshop

On 16 Jul, 2012 By With 9 Comments

Minimalist is getting more and more popular since last year, most of the themes that I see these days are going for this kind of design. The way minimalist differs from the rest is it’s simplicity and content focused design,…


18 Free and Premium WordPress Video Themes

On 9 Jul, 2012 By With 1 Comment

If you are planning to have a video blog or already have one using wordpress, you need to have a theme that can work with videos pretty well. While there are thousands on the theme market today, I found some…


Tools to Step up Your Productivity

On 2 Jul, 2012 By With 5 Comments

Are you struggling with your productivity? I know I am. Everyday we start our day positively determined that every task for today will be done, yet after the day was done and looking back, we realized that we accomplished nothing…


How to Create Mini-Browser Frame in Photoshop

On 28 Jun, 2012 By With 8 Comments

When showing off your portfolio of websites you’ve built, it is a good idea to insert the image using a browser frame to add the website’s feel of how it would look like on a real browser. When visiting different…

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