I’ve worked with different Design Agencies in the past and have done a dozen of themes for them, but everything is signed under NDA which means I cannot display it on my portfolio. Let me know if you need to see more of my work.

  • MyVPSHero


    Features: responsive, masonry, custom theme, custom backend

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  • Bride La Boheme

    Bride La Boheme

    Features: Custom Theme, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3

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  • Sanjay’s Personal Website

    Sanjay’s Personal Website

    Features: Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, Custom Theme

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  • Promotion Codes

    Promotion Codes

    Features: Wordpress, Custom Coupon Code Script, HTML5, CSS3, Masonry JQuery

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  • Calaguas Island

    Calaguas Island

    Features: Wordpress, Custom Business Directory, HTML5, CSS3, Custom Submission Form

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  • Tomo Media Agency

    Tomo Media Agency

    Features: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3

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  • Invoice Designer

    Invoice Designer

    Features: Responsive, HTML5, CSS3

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