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How to Create a Loading Bar UI in Photoshop

On 18 Apr, 2012 By With 3 Comments

Loading bar is one of essential part of a software, it guides the user when transferring files by showing how much progress it makes. Good example is a Windows OS, whenever you copy a file it automatically displays the loading…


How to Create a 3D Search Bar in HTML / CSS

On 20 Feb, 2012 By With 11 Comments

Search bar are one of the essential component of a website, if you have thousands among thousands of post, you really need to put a search bar on your homepage or sidebar. And if your search bar is a little…


How to Create Accordion Design in Photoshop

On 16 Feb, 2012 By With 3 Comments

Accordion has been popularly used on navigation, because you can store a lot of links and it only consumes so little space. I think that is one of the strength of accordion,  and others are beginning to use as content…


How to Create Slider Tooltip in Photoshop

On 5 Feb, 2012 By With 3 Comments

Sliders are being used on website as part of UI’s, they send the message to the user telling them to wait or their program is already running. To make it more entertaining some designers creates colorful slider bar, while others…


How to Create Your Own UI Planner in Photoshop

On 22 Jan, 2012 By With 9 Comments

I’ve been experimenting with the planner app I found on Google, after a couple of minutes I had a “what if” moment. Then I open my good ‘ole pal Photoshop and started throwing some pixels, minutes later I am done…

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